Interactions vs comments: Case social media accounts of sanitary pad products

Social media channels are now increasingly used as an alternative consumer relationship channel. By this platform a brand can monitor consumer’s questions and complaints. Companies which have high daily rate of consumer maintenance have been conducting this scheme, such as telecommunication providers, airlines, as well cable televisions. However consumer goods producers are now also use these channels to interact with their target consumers. Despite there are not high level of maintenance as found in service sectors, they use them for instance to introduce new features, tastes, variants or making online quizzes.

I made one month inspection in social media accounts of women sanitary pad brands during January 2017. There were Laurier, Softex, Hers Protex, Kotex and Charm. One month inspection was conducted through their official facebook, instagram and twitter accounts in Indonesia. The data crawling was assisted by Social Bakers’ crawler engine ( Not every brand above has official presence in each three platforms. Softex is present in Girls Room (facebook), @happifyyourworld (twitter) and @happifyyourworld (instagram). Laurier is present in @GirlBestFriend (Twitter) and @GirlBestFriend (Instagram). Hers Protex is present in Hers Protex (facebook), @HersProtexID (Twitter) and @hersprotexid (Instagram). Kotex is present in Kotex Dunia Cewe (facebook), @kotexduniacewe (twitter) and @kotexduniacewe (instagram). While Charm is present in Shine with Charm (facebook) and @shinewithcharm (instagram). The initial collected data volumes are as below:





The total interactions above for instance on facebook are the sum of comments, reactions (clicking like or special emoticons) and shares as responses to the posts of the brand’s account. While on instagram there are the sum of likes and comments. And the last on twitter there are the sum of likes, replies, retweets and mentions. From the charts above can be compared that facebook becomes platform where most of fans are engaged rather than on instagram and twitter. Kotex for instance got 149,018 interactions on facebook but zero interaction on instagram and twitter. This account did not post any status at all during January on instagram and twitter. Softex could be present in three platforms in spite of low level interactions. It got 220 interactions on facebook (Girls Room), 7 interactions on twitter (@happifyourworld), and 404 interactions on instagram (@happifyyourworld). Facebook as the biggest social media platform in Indonesia (predicted about 87.5 million users in Indonesia – 2016) can be presumed that most of consumer engagements can be harvested in this platform. Kotex got 149 thousands total interactions by only one post in 9 January as below:

source: facebook fanpage – Kotex Dunia Cewe

Posting teaser with gimmicks is still powerful to obtain engagements. In a week program there were 373 comments as consumer enthusiasm to win prizes. However this number of comments are very few as compared to its number of reactions reaching 148 thousand clicks of likes and emoticons. The prizes will only be granted to selected comments not likes or emoticons. If we compare its number of comments (373 comments) and its number of fans (2,082,756 fans) there are only 0.01% of fans who participated in the program. Hence the program was not successful to capitalize its high number of fans. Moreover it did not leverage the program on instagram and twitter simultaneously where it has also high number of followers. It should have obtained higher number of engagements if it had leveraged the program on those two platforms too.

In conclusions, teasing consumers to engage in a form of gimmick only is probably not effective to obtain high engagement. Being boosted by paid ads on facebook and instagram with customized targeting corresponding to its target market could increase its target engagement. Posting a number eye-catching testimonies from selected role model in the segment could be inserted more frequent. Hence the post has higher chance to appear in higher number of fans. Relating the planned post to actual events probably could be try to broaden contents. Women sanitary pad products are still relevant to broaden its engagement contents in beauty, fashion, culinary, travelling, cooking, and sports. The product remains to be inserted but in minor part.

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Master Thesis

Satria Setianda Singgih, Chairy

Master of Management, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia, Jl. Salemba Raya No. 4, Jakarta, 10430, Indonesia

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